New Year- new work.

Presenting my latest work:

POND , Solstice series.

This series is inspired by the many shallow bodies of water in Northwest Florida where I live. The  ponds here are created mostly from swamp seeps, and also usually include cypress trees and other water type trees. The ponds can look completely different from day to day depending on the weather and season. So many beautiful colors come from the shadows and streaks of sunlight filtering through the trees and tall grasses.  A slight breeze ripples the surface  and everything shape shifts, the whole visual  changing into a completely different abstract vision. I love to walk in the woods here in the winter, to sit by the waters edge and watch the passing clouds reflecting their gray and yellow glow upon the water surface . This time of year the trees are mostly bare, their shadows adding subtle elements of design to the picture plane. The woodlands feel restful right now very quiet and still. Spring will be here soon though and everything explodes with a new palette of color.Winter is my favorite time of year in Florida.

I’ll post new images as the paintings are available here in the Pond web gallery. Follow my progress on my Facebook studio page as well.

Let me know if you like the new work, comments are always appreciated! Feel free to share!

Paintings will be presented on March 20, 2015 , Spring Equinox.


pond2:Soltice series/POND 3


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