Miles Davis interpretation, revisited.

Miles Davis, a painted interpretation.

Added a new page to my web site today, revisiting a series I painted in 2008 . I felt it worthy to include the work on its own page instead of adding it to the archive section and wanted to share a bit of the reason why. This particular series brought on a huge “aha” moment and changed the direction of my work stylistically. While listening to Miles Davis music one day new creative pathway seemed to opened up. I would describe it as a kind of a spiritual moment( in a creative sense). Critical parts and pieces as a painter came together for me while painting this series. like learning a new language, I felt my ability to express my truer self as an artist greatly expanded by the experience.

I’m looking forward¬† to doing a 3rd edition to this series, using the same specific tracks of music I used in the 2nd edition, it could be interesting seeing how differently I interpret the music 7 yrs later.

To see the paintings and read the artist statement I wrote from the 2nd edition…. go here.

flamenco sketches

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