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Hello there you beautiful NEW YEAR!

Can not remember a time when I was so grateful for a NEW YEAR  as I am now…hooray for 2017!!

FRESH OFF THE EASEL…the new work is a bit of  a throw back to my “water theme” work. It’s interesting when I start a new painting I’m usually responding more or less in the earliest stages to simple mark making. With random unconsciously placed marks sparking the next round of marks. The dialog then begins between marks and colors, but still nothing specifically in mind. It’s like fishing…for fun…for the act of just throwing a hook in the water ( ha! fisherpeople will get this)…anyway… this is  why painting is so much fun and so maddening at the same time. At about this stage I start making decisions about whether to go here or do this…but, these two paintings decided they wanted to be about water and lilies and shadow and water reflections and nothing I did shifted the imagery away from that.

They are size 22×30 on archival paper with 4 deckled edges and a watermark. 

“Lyrical I and Lyrical II are located in the Abstract Non-Figurative folio

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Lyrical I

Lyrical II