Painted Music Project

An art-altering experience

This series has been evolving since the winter of 2007/2008. How it came to be is a little bit of an accident. Or was it kismet? Who knows for sure but I can trace the little puzzle pieces that came together that day which shifted my reality as a painter. That winter I was working on abstract landscapes. Most of the time I listen to music when I paint, it helps drown out the monkey chatter. But the music wasn’t helping and I switched the cd without looking at it ( CD player – ancient sounding isn’t it?) and walked back to the easel. Miles Davis was playing, the Rubberband album. I held my breath for the longest time with my paint brush stalled in mid air. This cd was in a classical music case and I don’t to this day know how it got there. I didn’t care that much for Miles Davis music before this day. The day when my brain, my psyche, my sense of color and how it connected to music in a whole new way seemed to rewire my artistic sensibilities. Next post I will try to share more specifics about how Miles Davis music affected my painting style.

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