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Painted Music Project

An art-altering experience

This series has been evolving since the winter of 2007/2008. How it came to be is a little bit of an accident. Or was it kismet? Who knows for sure but I can trace the little puzzle pieces that came together that day which shifted my reality as a painter. That winter I was working on abstract landscapes. Most of the time I listen to music when I paint, it helps drown out the monkey chatter. But the music wasn’t helping and I switched the cd without looking at it ( CD player – ancient sounding isn’t it?) and walked back to the easel. Miles Davis was playing, the Rubberband album. I held my breath for the longest time with my paint brush stalled in mid air. This cd was in a classical music case and I don’t to this day know how it got there. I didn’t care that much for Miles Davis music before this day. The day when my brain, my psyche, my sense of color and how it connected to music in a whole new way seemed to rewire my artistic sensibilities. Next post I will try to share more specifics about how Miles Davis music affected my painting style.

Artist Notes

Some Paintings…

And some days, the work feels connected to something outside of myself. With the process and inspiration led by a muse. On these days it feels like my job is as a facilitator for the creative energy that has gifted me a visit. When I feel I have something that might be interesting to you I will share my thoughts about what I’m painting.

Fair warning, writing is one of things I’m not very good at. If fact, I think I’m a really horrible writer. To be sure I am an uncomfortable writer because to write means to share feelings and THAT is outside my comfort zone. But here goes…I hope I can find the ability to articulate well enough to make these posts worth reading.