Painted Music Project


New work!

Just started a new Painted Music Project artist. So love the music this man makes! Dominic Miller, is an Argentinian-born guitarist who has spent much of his career as a sideman for Sting. I’ll be adding more info about the new work soon. For now, here’s the first 3 paintings. 

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Shape of my Heart (pmp)/ 36x48 in / 3000.00

Water (pmp) 36x36 in /

Lyres String (pmp) / 36x36in / $2600.00


A little background about the Painted Music Project.

This project began in 2005 with an interpretation of the legendary jazz great, Miles Davis. Using his music to inspire all the paintings as a group but not specifically any one painting. Then in 2008/2009 I revisited the PMP, creating a second edition of paintings with Miles Davis music as my muse. This time each painting was inspired by a specific song and titled to reflect that specific piece of music.

It’s now 2018 and I am once again inspired to revisited the Painted Music Project. I’ve fallen in love with the soulful sound of Chet Baker and moved by his sad story of a hard life. So this edition of the PMP is dedicated to Chesney Henry”Chet” Baker Jr. an American jazz trumpeter and vocalist. The title of each painting is the specific music I listened to and was inspired by from various albums.

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Dolphin Dance / 36×48 in. / oil on canvas {Available}



You Go To My Head / 36×48 in. / oil on canvas {Available}


Almost Blue / 36x48x2inch

Almost Blue / 36x48x2 in. / oil {Available}


My Funny Valentine / 36x48x2inch

My Funny Valentine, 36x48x2in acrylic on canvas {Available}


Diane /36x48x2inch

Diane, 36x48x2in. oil on canvas-{sold}


No Problem / 36x48x2inch

No Problem, 36x48x2in. oil on canvas {Available}




So What, 36x48x2in oil on canvas {Available}


Love For Sale / 36x48x2 / oil

Love For Sale / 36x48x2 in. /oil {Available}


Kiss Of Spain / 36x48x2 in. / oil

Kiss Of Spain / 36x48x2 in. / oil {sold}


Stollin'1, 36x48 inch/ diptych/ acrylic canvas

Stollin’1, 36×48 inch/ diptych/ acrylic canvas-{sold}


Strollin' 2, 36x48 inch / diptych/ acrylic canvas

Strollin’ 2, 36×48 inch / diptych/ acrylic canvas-{sold}



Strollin’ 1 and 2, is on display at the fine dining Restaurant Paradise in Rosemary Beach, Florida. Hwy 30A.



Painted Music Project~ Miles Davis Interpretation: 2005 and 2008/2009

Paintings in this gallery are in private collections.