Studio Gallery. Located 27 miles from the beaches of Florida South Walton 30-a area. Very flexible hours by appointment. Call- text- email or use the contact form for a time that fits your schedule.


I would love to help you find a piece of art that speaks to your soul.


Originally from the Midwest before moving to the Florida panhandle area in the mid 1990’s. Maintaining a working art studio and gallery for 20 plus years in the beach communities of South Walton Fl. In 2017 the quest for a larger studio space brought me to the nearby historic town of DeFuniak Springs. I’m a self taught artist dedicated full time to painting, always learning, always striving to be the best that I can be with my craft.

Artist Statement

I paint from a deeper subconscious part of my being. Always from a place where words do not directly control. Moving paint around a canvas informed by stored memories. Feeling the rich viscosity of paint on your fingers. The sound of the brush as it scrapes and scratches across a canvas. Watching the hues transform into colors to represent a feeling. I think it’s like watching interpretive dancers move their bodies across a stage as they feel the music in their muscles, as they respond to the other dancers they share the space with. It’s a partnership of sorts. I think this is a good description of what I’m feeling when I paint. I’m just working with and responding to the materials I’m creating with. I paint without deliberation in short segments of time then I take a bit of time to let my mind catch up to what’s been done before proceeding. I really try not to think too much about what I’m doing. I work in this format until something tells me it’s enough. Sometimes I listen to myself and sometimes I do not. Every painting is a lesson.