Digital Painting

Digital painting is a new medium for me with endless possibilities for creative expression. I start with one of my existing paintings or a photo I’ve taken as a base image and then “paint” on it via a computer software painting program. With this software I can renovate the existing artwork by adjusting only a few areas of color or make a complete color shift. It is such a fascinating process. It allows me to create and customized colors in a print to compliment your personal color palette. It also allows me to customize the size of the print to your needs. I’ve attached a few examples below of how an image can be digitally color adjusted or altered. Would you like to know when this page is ready for online purchasing? Drop me an email and I’ll add your name to the “first look” list.


Color altered botanical
Original botanical
flowers lilac background
flowers-seafoam background
lotus 1
Lotus 2
water shadows-soft bluegreen
water shadows- golden glow
water lily-fuchsia-teal
water lily -golden
water lily -raspberry
Nautilus- sienna
Digital painting to make alterations of color and or to customize reproductions/prints.
Nautilus -charcoal