I love the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida Panhandle. The beach is my happy place, and my home. This series was started right after the oil spill in 2010 as a way to process the devastation from the event. When I began I had in mind to paint this place- the Sand, Sea and Sky, as beautiful as it was before the spill. I called it my ‘Year of Ocean’ with the intention of creating 365 paintings in total to complete this collection. My working approach is a painterly style with emphasis on color, movement and mood rather than any form of realism. As I’ve moved through the years with this series some of the paintings have developed with a higher level of depiction and then some have gone completely the other way with stronger emphasis on abstraction. I paint intuitively so I almost always just go with the flow, letting the day, the scene or the mood influence how each paintings wants to be.

Five Ocean Moods paintings to be included in the exhibition with the Art In Embassies program in LaPaz, Bolivia

Link to Exhibit Catalog. https://art.state.gov/portfolio/la_paz_2021/